About Klala’s Laboratory

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The purpose of the blog

The main purpose of the blog is for Klala the administrator, who is a beginner in 3DCG, to record and share the experiences gained through learning.



My main occupation is as a design engineer at a company related to machinery.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in 2020, a combination of remote work and restrictions on overtime due to the company’s poor performance has resulted in increased free time outside of work.

I was considering if there was a casual and creative hobby I could start at home, and then I came across the free 3DCG software “Blender".

I was impressed by Lara Pastel’s YouTube channel (ML/Ch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrAPkTHnzflhTcXEiKcSuZg) and started studying through his tutorials.

Thanks to posts on Twitter, I started receiving a lot of information from many people, which further accelerated my learning speed.

Since 2021 began, I’ve focused on improving my modeling skills, mainly studying through tutorials aimed at beginners by the following individuals. (Highly recommended!)

I’ve been sharing information and reporting my progress on Twitter so far, but I’ve wanted to keep records of things like trial and error during production that I couldn’t fit into the character limit.

After considering various services, I decided to launch a WordPress blog on Xserver, considering its customization options and the ability to create a custom domain.

Plans for the Future

Since I’ve always loved airplanes, I’m thinking of creating airplane + background images or videos with Blender.

(Excuse my tweet, Japan Air Self-Defense Force! The T-4 training aircraft is awesome!!)

First, I plan to acquire modeling skills through tutorials and gradually step up my abilities.

Ultimately, I hope to be able to share how to make an airplane like the one I posted someday. 😊


[Added in 2022/1/22]

In 2021, I aimed to acquire foundational skills for modeling airplanes, so I challenged myself with modeling a car (Mini Cooper). For details, please refer to this article.



Also, since I’ve been building my own PCs as a hobby for over 10 years, I’d like to introduce the (planned) PC setup for Blender production as well.

[Added in 2021/6/5] I’ve written an article about assembling a custom PC (link below), so please check it out as well (^^)/


Contact Information for the Administrator

For any feedback, questions, etc., please contact Klara on Twitter (https://twitter.com/klala_lab).

(To prevent spam, I have removed the comment section. Thank you for your understanding.)

Regarding Advertising

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